Monday, February 11, 2008


Could it be that I may return to my twilight thoughts after so long, I needed to take a break from it, as the mind was overloaded and I could not cope with it all, so if I still have any readers I´m back

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I am still around and still have my twilight thoughts everyday, but it is harder now, to express the way that I am feeling. still maybe I will begin to post again

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blog Changes

Twilight thoughts f0r these days....Blogger is they post our pictures on picasa....maybe we don´t want that, maybe some people want copyright on their pictures....Now it seems that we have to buy more image space if we use all out quota. Had problems pasting and uploading photos, others have other or the same problems...I received an invitation to contribute to my own blog???very odd. What happening to you want us to stay? There are I hear more changes planned, ....but don´t forget your bloggers......

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Passion

Good Friday, lots of twilight thoughts on the crucificion, every channel is showing some film or other, the religous parades in Sevilla, really makes this time quite intense.
I watched for the first time,"The Passion"by Mel Gibson, it was a strong film, I think the best and most realistic version I have seen, before the film I liked most was " The Greatest Story Ever Told".
I wanted to see this film for so long,but people put me off, saying it was bloody and horrific. However, to crucify someone is a bloody and horrific act, so I think the film portrays the awfulness so well. I cried during the film, it touched my soul....therefore I think Mel Gibson got it exactly right. We are meant to cry, and shudder and close our eyes at the pain endured. It is for us to remember.....and I did.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Give Thanks

On my terrace once again, havent had many twilight thoughts recently but my thought today was how do we maintain our health?, I heard of someone I knew who seemed so perfectly well but was a little tired had only one month to live. She had not been ill, so it was a shock. It was so sudden and now although they know there is nothing that can be done they are still trying, how wonderful are these people that study medicine. OK sometimes we get fed up with one ignorant doctor but these are few and in general are the ones that fight to cure us. The terrible thing for me is after 5 major operations, this person who was a nurse looked after me at times, I also knew her socially. We should give thanks for every day that we live.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Was it in a Dream?

Back again on the terrace to enjoy the tranquility and my twilight thoughts. During the night about 2.30am i was awoken by someone calling my name out loud. The voice sounded familiar and there are two people that it sounded like. On waking there was no no one....did I really expect to see anyone, after all there was only me and my german shepherd dog in the house, and she wasn´t barking. So was it in a dream? I think not, I think it was more a form of telepathy, one of those two people had maybe thought of me, and my subconscious was receptive and open whilst I slept. Many people experience such things and probably when our perception is at its highest.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Passage to the Unknown

This picture is for the artwords theme Having just recently been operated on my twilight thoughts were the light and tunnel that people talk about, Is it the same as when you are first going under anesthetic I wonder. I always have a problem because of my asthma, this occasion memories of my life flashed before me, only for a few seconds or who knows how long. But I was considering these things and wondered if it because the brain is becoming inactive and works backwards in time. Is it only a passage into the unknown from which we return? One of life´s great mysteries.